14 August 2017

Telin TL Signs Expansion Cooperation with RTTL

Dili, 14 August 2017 – After successfully conducted a meeting with Radio Televisão Radio Timor-Leste (RTTL) to support ICT solutions for coverage of Timor-Leste president and parliamentary elections, Telkomcel again showed its seriousness to support and extend its cooperation with RTTL. It is marked by the signing of a cooperation between Telkomcel & RTTL to conduct exchange services (barter services) signed by Telkomcel Chief Executive Officer Dedi Suherman and President of Board RTTL Milena Soares Abrantes. The signing of the cooperation took place at Telin TL offices, 4th Floor Timor Plaza, Dili, Timor-Leste, Monday (14/08/2017).

In the partnership, the two companies agreed to commit to collaboration and cooperation for some ICT services and solutions. The scope of cooperation between Telkomcel and RTTL is barter service where Telkomcel will provide Dedicated Internet Services (DIA) services, Virtual Private Service (VPS), Content Delivery Network Service (CDN) and ICT solutions, while RTTL will provide services 30 minutes TVTL variety show program on primetime, TV & Radio Advertising and RTTL will cover all Telkomcel including for news on TV & Radio.

Both sides hope that the cooperation can make a positive contribution to Telkomcel & RTTL, pointing to Telkomcel's "success story" collaboration with two private television stations in Timor-Leste, ETO Telco and GMN TV, Telkomcel vamos. ***Corcomm.