Article I
Communications Services: The company operating the project:
Wholesale resale services:
After the acquisition or lease a wholesale telecommunications services telecommunications enterprise, and the provision of telecommunications services in their own name to the user or users.

Article II
Serve the company's wholesale business under its resale checkout and payment of monthly users.
The monthly users: were collected monthly fixed payment checkout date, the following are referred to as users.

Article III
Users should apply for approval, truly representative of the name of the user name and fill in the application form and the signature or seal; individual shall submit proof of identity and a second document (such as a health insurance card, driver's license ...), a legal entity The company issued by the competent authorities attach license and profit-seeking enterprise registration certificate or other proof of identity documents as well as representative of the documents. 

Article IV
Users of incapacity or limited capacity, should apply for the written consent of their legal representatives, which consent shall specify if the user fee owed to the Company, its legal representative is willing to bear joint liability. 

Article V
When a user agent to apply for approval, in addition to supporting documents must attach the preceding paragraph, the agent shall submit the documents and legally authorized and proof of identity for the company to check. Agent agent's behavior, its effectiveness and the user himself, to fulfill contractual obligations by the user. 

Article VI
User registration application form in the case of change of information, to apply corrections phone; but credit card payment application form enclosing the power of attorney or financial institution automatically transfer payment information is subject to consent of the transaction, should apply in writing, of the The company after the audit is correct, for the transaction. 

Article VII
Users terminate use of the company's wholesale resale business in person or agent to terminate the use of the company for written procedures. 

Article VIII
The company information to the user's communication incurs the obligation of confidentiality, unless the parties to request access to their data, or the following cases and in accordance with Article 23 of the Personal Data Protection Act and related laws and regulations, the reasons stated in the official documents and in accordance with relevant laws inquiry, the Company shall disclose to the third party. First, the judiciary, the audit authority or public security organ for crime investigation or survey evidence were needed. Second, other government agencies due to the implementation of public authority and those who needed to be justified. Third, the authorities and the public about the lives and safety of the (structure) for those who need emergency assistance. Situation in the preceding paragraph, as in the case of emergency, you must first query, and then to the official documents of the candidate. 

Article IX
Changes 除依 month before entry for future reference and bulletins, and to change it; the rates of the Company by the Company in accordance with the communication cost and market price setting, submitted to the competent authority in addition to outside, and in the media, websites and various business establishments electronic bulletin inform the user fee bill adjustments really content. Users who do not agree with both the new rates may apply at any time terminate the procedure. 

Article X
The user fees are:
First, the basic fee
Two, communications
Third, the communication breakdown printing costs
In addition to the above three charges, the company does not charge any additional costs, such as installation fees, surrender charges, application fees. 

Article XI
Individual users and corporate users based on the properties of different users, respectively, set the basic fee charges. Users monthly basic fee is higher than the actual standard for communications to be collected actual communication costs, communication costs less than the actual user monthly basic fee standards to be collected basic fee. 

Article XII
Use under a termination end of the month during checkout; monthly user application using our wholesale resale business, during its first month of checkout person under the age of one month, according to the actual total income for communications, unlimited basic fee of May those who likewise. 

Article XIII
Users overdue communications, who fail to pay by the collection, the company has the right to stop its use, stopping during use, without restriction of the basic fee. 

Article XIV
Users overflow of payment or pay heavy costs, customers can choose from the company next month to offset the costs payable, or select the notification of the company for a refund. If users use the company's termination of voice, its overflow or fees to pay for re-payment of the fee is still payable balances offset when the Company shall refund the balance to within 15 days of termination from the use of interest-free.

Article XV
Upstream of the telecommunications industry because the company line equipment room barrier, blocking, resulting in an error, delay, interruption or can not pass when it stops during the communication, the user of the month following table basic fee deductions: 
Continuous block of time deduction rate
12 hours (or more), 24 hours following basic fee for a standard deduction of 10%
24 hours (or more), 48 hours following basic fee for a standard deduction of 25%
48 hours (or more), 96 hours following basic fee for a standard deduction of 75%
96 hours (or more) basic fee for a standard deduction of 100%

Article XVI
Because user-owned equipment or other telecommunications service providers telecommunications line blocking barriers affect the company's upstream network or telecommunications career passing bad time, the company was to notify the user after suspended pending the company's upstream line telecommunications industry machine repair before resuming its use.

Article XVII
Apply for an individual or company to resell the line number of the Company's wholesale cost if there are unpaid after the Company's internal checks before they may apply for non-payment of expenses paid after the set, otherwise, the Company has the right to refuse service user application, the only application After the man paid the arrears, the Company shall not refuse the user application. 

Article XVIII
The Company suspend or terminate all or part of the business, should be suspended or terminated before the scheduled report to the competent authority a month, and in the media, electronic bulletin website and various business establishments, and notifies the user to terminate the use of the company to complete the formalities and refunded without interest payment with its overflow. 

Article XIX
The Company as approved by the competent authority when the revocation of a license, a license should be revoked in writing to accept the competent authority within fifteen days from the date of notification in the media, websites and various electronic bulletin business premises and notify the user within one month to apply for the termination of the Company use procedures and its overflow payment refunded without interest. 
Article XX
The company's customer service hotline: (02) 8752-5072 Dedicated Fax: (02) 8752-3619

Article XXI
When former users should pay the costs if the objection and appeal, the Company did not identify those responsible ownership, calls to suspend or stop traffic. 

Article XII
Users find their communications lines or equipment is stolen, when fraudulent, shall immediately notify the telephone company for suspended, did not notify the Company of all expenses incurred before, users should still be paid; after the Company received a notice, the user Pirates avoid its negative responsibility of fraudulent communication costs. 

Article XXIII
Regulations by the report to the competent authority after announcement implementation; any amendments thereto.