P2P (Person to Person) SMS is where SMS exchanged between mobile subscribers. SMS can be exchanged within one network or different network in same country or different country.



SMS exchange between mobile subscribers from networks of different countries can be challenging since it included multi type of connection, protocol , destinations.. Our P2P SMS HUB allows you to connect to all mobile operators with a single, simple connection and operation

You can send and receive International SMS to our Messaging HUB, and we take care of :

  • Delivering the outgoing SMS to the final destination MNOs
  • Collecting SMS and delivering incoming SMS to customer
  • Settling invoices for all SMS transactions

IPX Telin is next generation IP based connectivity and platform to support multiple services, enabling end to end Q0S, security, interoperability, cascading payment for fixed and mobile operators as well as ISPs, content providers, and other service providers.


Why Us:

  • Having own extensive backbone with many PoPs around the world
  • Global coverage to reach mobile network operators worldwide
  • Providing excellent LTE Roaming services to Telkomsel as the biggest and first Operator launched LTE Roaming in the country





Using an IPX platform, service provider can reduce the complexity in their network and connectivity, providing cost effective interconnect with single IP connection to deliver multiple services.


Security and reliability

The security and reliability of IPX make it the ideal foundation for high quality services such as international voice and data transport and mobility services. A direct IPX connection to our global network ensures end-to-end QoS, security, multilateral connectivity and cascading payments.


Service Extension

IPX can help operators fully exploit the advantages of end-to-end IP networks and gain access to deliver future services on top of IPX connectivity .



  • Converged service offering, including data roaming, signaling , voice over IPX (VoIPX)
  • High performance guarantee over MPLS network. Telin has reliable MPLS network with many PoPs around the world to allow customer connect to their nearest location
  • High availability and diversity of IPX network. Our IPX network supported with link redundancy, network redundancy, and service carrier diversity by peering with multiple service carrier to eliminate service impact from outage at single carrier.
  • Full Support. Telin providing 24/7 Customer support, network management and surveillance. Telin also has local support available in the countries where Telin has subsidiaries.

 Service Offering:

  • GPRS Roaming eXchange (GRX) – used as transport for data roaming between mobile network operators. Through worldwide coverage, we allow your mobile subscriber always connected while roaming.
  • Signaling :

2G/3G signaling over IPX (SIGTRAN) - enables mobile operators 2G and 3G devices to register to the visited network while roaming, as well as to transport International SMS messages. This service can be offered without IPX connectivity.

4G/LTE Signaling - is also known as diameter signalling. Diameter is a signalling service that enables a mobile operator’s LTE devices to register to the network while roaming in LTE networks.

  • Voice over IPX (VoIPX) – enable voice wholesale to worldwide destinations through IPX platform with guaranteed voice quality, transcoding, and HD voice supported .