Global & Domestic Ethernet

Use the simplicity and interoperability of Ethernet to extend your international coverage and support your international business requirements. Also support the coverage domestically through the robust TELKOM network. TELIN Ethernet solutions enable the extension of LAN infrastructure for WAN connectivity with rates starting at 2Mbps ranging up to 10Gbps and are available in major cities in around the world.



Why Us:

  • Available in major cities in over Asia – Europe – America and support your organization with flexible and rapid provisioning of new connectivity.
  • Supported by robust domestic coverage provided through TELKOM.
  • Already support MEF CE 2.0 certification for global services that cross continental boundaries
  • Telin have a track record of providing the best in reliability, performance, support, installation, repairs and pricing. Our reach and expertise means you can take advantage of the simplicity of Ethernet to grow your organization in more places around the world and deliver bandwidth at each location flexibly.




  • Variable bandwidth that enable multiple options of network configuration at each location
  • Easier installation and management allow for rapid provisioning compared to other platforms
  • Scalable for long term network evolution connectivity



  • Highly scalable and variable transport speeds from 2Mbps up to 10Gbps
  • Switched and Dedicated Ethernet available in fixed bandwidth
  • Dedicated Ethernet over SDH
  • Dedicated Ethernet over DWDM (LAN-Phy)
  • Point-to-point service (E-LINE)
  • Point-to-multipoint service (E-TREE)
  • Multipoint-to-multipoint service (E-LAN)
  • Resilient transport services for high reliability
  • Standards-based IEEE Ethernet service for Layer 2 transport
  • Protocol transparent
  • Jumbo MTU support from 1500 to 9000



  • Option of Architectures : EoMPLS, Sonet, SDH, DWDM
  • Throughput Options : 2Mbps – 1Gbps– 10Gbps
  • Network Interface : FastE, GigE, or 10Gig Ethernet
  • Network Options : Long-haul and metro configurations
  • Availability : Available at most locations