Wi-Fi Roaming

Wi-Fi Roaming is a commercial partnership between Indonesia WIFI and Global WIFI Operator. Wi-Fi Roaming leverages Indonesia WIFI networks to provide International Wi-Fi Operator with roaming Wi-Fi to Indonesia. End-users can get benefit of using @wifi.id networks in the selected location.



Why Us:

Wi-Fi Roaming provides Internet services platform based on Wi-Fi technology which can be utilized by Global Wi-Fi operators to serve their end-users. The @wifi.id network is very reliable with coverage on all over Indonesia. This will provide guaranteed high quality connection to all end-user.




  • Reliable connection
  • Wide coverage all over Indonesia
  • Easy authentication for end-users


Features & Specifications:

  • Serve basic needs, such as: browsing, seamless connection, VPN access (if needed)
  • Flexible authentication for end-users (via connection manager application or via portal)
    • Service via Connection Manager
    • Customer will be connected to a SSID that has been assigned between Indonesia Wi-Fi and Global WI-Fi Operator by using connection manager application.
    • Service via Web Service
    • Customer of Wi-Fi Roaming partner can access the Indonesia Wi-Fi network by accessing Welcome Page website via browser using username and password.