Network & Application Security

By Leveraging Telin’s Infrastucture, we ensure secure delivery of your content while ensuring your application and network are protected.



Why Us (Value Proposition):

Telin as part of Telkom Group which has The Largest Network in Indonesia. We also have partnership with Top 10 Cloud Security Provider which give us better strength in domestic and global.

Local and Global Security Support 24 x 7



Features & Specifications:

  • Rate Control
  • Security Monitor
  • Origin Shield
  • Custom Rule Configuration
  • Threat Update Review


Customer Benefits:

  • Maintain site and network availability
  • Maintain site performance
  • Saving Cost


Service Line:

  • 1. Network DDoS Protection (Layer 3 and 4)
  • DDoS protection to maintain your network availability from Layer 3 and 4 attack
  • 2. Application Protection
  • Protect your application from DDoS and Application layer attack closer to attack source with our customized security rule set.
  • 3. DNS Protection
  • We provide authorative DNS to offload DNS resolution from your infrastructure to proveide better performance and protect from DDoS attack.