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Short Message Service, or SMS is used to send text messages to mobile phones and the most secure and personal communications technology to engage people anywhere in the world.



There are 2 types of SMS in the market:

  • Person to person (or P2P) is where an SMS exchanged between two mobile subscribers.
  • Application to person, or Mobile Customer Engagement is where an SMS messages is sent from an application to mobile subscriber. This text messages can also be sent in other direction (from mobile subscriber to application. The common use cases of A2P are alerts, notifications and marketing messages.


Why Us:

  • Telin cover direct connection to almost all operator in Indonesia.
  • Providing premium quality of SMS delivery
  • Global coverage to reach mobile network operators worldwide




  • Create new revenue stream of SMS business
  • Engagement channel of Application provider/Enterprise to their customers
  • Premium Quality with affordable cost
  • Optimise its SMS infrastructure to carry high value traffic
  • Transparent branding (Sender ID) to your customers.


Key Features:

  • High availability network connectivity and SMS platform
  • SMS Firewall supported to help grey route detection and monetization
  • Compliant to GSMA Open connectivity standard
  • SMSC interworking compatibility to support Enterprise, SMS wholesale, and Mobile Operator interconnection.
  • 24/7 Customer support


Service Offering:

A2P SMS Delivery and Firewall

A2P (Application to Person) refers to SMS sent from an Enterprise to a mobile subscriber. Most use cases for A2P are banking (transaction notificationn, one time password), Online booking system (hotel, flight, events, reservation confirmation), Marketing purpose (consumer engagement programs, advertisement )

A2P Ecosystem:

  • Enterprise : Institution who sending SMS to their customer which identified as mobile subscribers. In most cases are OTT player, Banking.
  • Aggregators (a.k.a. wholesale A2P): Companies, often carriers, transiting SMS traffic from institutions and delivering to mobile networks; either via direct routes or peer (3rd party routes).
  • Mobile Network Operators (MNO) responsible to deliver SMS to their mobile subscribers.

Telin has capability to accommodate all above value chain, offering reliable service to Enterprise at affordable cost and help to increase SMS revenue to Mobile Network Operators

Instead of A2P SMS delivery to Mobile Network Operator, we also providing SMS Firewall feature. Our solution protects your network with Advanced Managed service of SMS Firewall which minimizing your investment and operational and optimizing your revenue .


Our Firewall key benefit:

  • Stop/minimising grey routes by implementing a strong filtering solution
  • Revenue improvement
  • Increased quality and clarity for enterprises
  • Marketing consultancy to help MNO’s explore the total business potential