19 May 2014

Telkom Taiwan serves kartu as 2in1 in Taiwan

Taiwan, May 19, 2015 – PT. Telekomunikasi Indonesia International (Telin), through the subsidiary of Telin Hong Kong, Telin Taiwan, signed a partnership agreement of Kartu As 2in1, marking the readiness of the product that enhance the function of one SIM card with two numbers in Taiwan.

Kartu As 2in1 agreement signing was conducted between Telkom Taiwan CEO, Devy Parlindungan Siregar and Asia Pacific Telecom (Gt) CMO, Michael Lee and took place at Telkom Taiwan office at Neihu District, Taipei city, in May 19, 2015.

Also attending at this historical moment areDirector of Trade Kantor Dagang dan Ekonomi Indonesia (KDEI), Ikhwan Aman, Head of Commerce KDEI, Devriel Sogja, Head of Immigration KDEI, Soelistyo Probowatie, Telkom Group representatives, Telkom Taiwan partners, and Indonesia communities in Taiwan.

“Kartu As 2in1 is designed to easier communication service for Indonesian communities in Taiwan so they will be able to communicate with their family and friends in Indonesia affordably ”, said Devy.
Michael Lee responds the partnership with Telkom Taiwan enthusiastically,

“The partnership with Telkom Taiwan is a historical moment for Asia Pacific Telecom (Gt), we are delighted to serve a very high number of Indonesian citizens in Taiwan.”

Ikhwan Aman conveys his appreciation to Telkom Indonesia who provides a telecommunication service dedicated to Indonesian communities in Taiwan. “KDEI fully support Telkom Indonesia to involve directly in serving and providing the best quality of communication service for Indonesians in Taiwan. Hopefully Kartu As 2in1 can be fully used by our community here in Taiwan,” said the KDEI Taipei representative.

Kartu As 2in1 is a synergy product between Telkom Taiwan and Telkomsel, which already has a 20-year experience in serving mobile services in Indonesia. Kartu As 2in1 launch in Taiwan will be held on June 14, 2015, along with the celebration of Telkom Taiwan 2nd anniversary.

Kartu As appears internationally and was initiated by the official launch in Hong Kong in October 2012, Malaysia in November 2013, and Macau in October 2014. Telkom Group also appeared in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in November 2014 with a product called simPATI Saudi.

The unique feature provided by Kartu As 2in1 is 2 mobile numbers, Telkomsel and local Taiwan number, available in 1 SIM card (2in1).