18 August 2017

Telin “Amazing Race”

Jakarta, 18 August 2017 – The red and white ambiance characteristic of the Indonesian flag adorns every corner of the workspace. In commemoration of the 72nd Anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia, Telin held various activities and competitions with theme "Amazing Race" followed by employee representatives from each unit using a variety of unique costumes such as Indonesian Warrior, Kebaya, Army, Noni Dutch , School Uniforms up Downhill Bike costumes. Located on 16th & 17th Floor Telkom Landmark Tower, Friday (18/8/2017), the event was followed enthusiastically and took place very lively.

Beginning with a remarks by Faizal R. Djoemadi, CEO of Telin he expressed his gratitude to Leonardus W. Wasono as Finance & Human Capital Director and its staff for the implementation of this event. Furthermore there are several points to be delivered by Faizal, among others, is the meaning of the holding of this event that is celebrate, be grateful for what has been done by our predecessors both who fought before 1945 and who have filled this independence.

Every phase of leadership, government phase, life phase in Indonesia all make a positive contribution to build this country for the better. The event was created to not only understand but also implement the "GREAT" culture and also become part of the Telin Culture Festival. In his direction Faizal also remind employees to stay creative, always thinking of new things.

The excitement of the "Amazing Race" event was followed by a yell-yel race between units directly commented and judged by the Telin Board of Directors. After that the participants follow other competitions such as the race to guess the title of Indonesian film, the race runs the group around the workroom by using a sarong, not to forget the race to eat the crackers that became a tradition and typical activities to commemorate 17 August in various regions of Indonesia. In addition there are also the best photo contest and the best costume contest. After that the judge's judgment was announced at the end of the event.