18 August 2017

Enrich Content As 2in1, Telin and KMK Online Developed a Cooperation

Jakarta, 18 August 2017 – Telin signed a cooperation with PT. Creative Media Works (KMK Online) at SCTV Tower lt. 19 Senayan, South Jakarta. The signing of the cooperation is intended to enrich the content of Asinin 2in1 applications carried by Telin. Through the application, Telin invites PT KMK Online to bring digital products present exclusively in As 2in1.

Telin, represented by Telin Hong Kong Group CEO, Indarto Nata stated that Telin has been thinking of bringing Indonesian contents to be enjoyed by all Indonesian citizens wherever they are. The idea has been sparked since March 2017.

“In the past we only offer SIM Card called Kartu As 2in1 which has the advantage that one card has two numbers, local number and Indonesian number to facilitate communication abroad to Indonesian family. However, as the times progressed, we now want to move digitally. Disclosed the idea to bring and bring Indonesian content to Indonesian citizens who are abroad. Because a lot of customer desire to access the content of Indonesia, so we facilitate through the application As 2in1 this, "he said.

Indarto revealed that in addition to As 2in1 can be used as a medium for telephone communication to be able to contact relatives in Indonesia, As 2in1 also provides video streaming Vidio, Liputan6.com, Bintang dan Bola which is the products of KMK Online. “Everything will be embed via As 2in1 application,” said Indarto.

This cooperation is also welcomed by KMK Online which is represented by the President Director Liputan6.com, Karaniya Dharmasaputra. It hopes this cooperation will continue with innovations in both content and application development from both sides.

“We thank you with the cooperation that has been established. This is a good step to help facilitate Indonesian content to be enjoyed by Indonesian Citizens, wherever they are,” said Karaniya.***DK