28 July 2017

Telin and TLN Cooperate to Support Communication Services for Hajj, Umrah and TKI

Bandung, 28 July 2017 – Telin and PT Telesyst Lintas Nusantara (TLN) signed a cooperation to support communication services for pilgrims, umroh and TKI (Indonesian workers). The event was conducted on the sidelines of RAPIM II TelkomGroup held at Exploration Space Building lt. 2, Telkom Region Corporate University Bandung, Friday (28/7/2017). The signing was done by Telin CEO Faizal R. Djoemadi and President Director of TLN, Yoyok Isbagyo, which was also attended by CEOs of Telin subsidiaries.

In the agreement, TLN will perform a local KSA distribution to support communications at KSA during the haj and umroh seasons of 2017. In addition, TLN also acts as a distributor partner in Indonesia that manages pre-departure customers (Hajj, Umroh, TKI). Meanwhile, for Telin as the provision of local Saudi card and fingerprint activation process in Saudi. According to the latest regulations on KSA, cards are distributed and activated with fingerprint at KSA.

The local partner in Saudi Arabia is the operator of Lebara, one of two MVNO internationals operating in KSA since 2014. The product used is Lebara prepaid card with preload value 50 SAR with various package options which suits the needs of pilgrims and umroh especially the intensive use of local voice communication in addition to the needs of affordable data packets.

This solution is expected to be the complement of Telkomsel's roaming card solution. The targeted segment is those who intend to buy local cards in Saudi Arabia and users of competitors.

This cooperation is the initiation of a new long-term Co-Brand program exploration at KSA targeted to operate in early 2018, as well as "Greening Program 2017”.***Corcomm